SAC Vasanth

Invitation to a Night of Enchantment
The wizard of Coimbatore SAC Vasanth will cast a spell,
Come rediscover the sense of wonder, and the joy of surprise.
Card tricks, Rope tricks, sleigh of hand, disappearing acts, love meter,
Become a child again; connect with your inner child.
Celebrate this magical night with family and friends!

Conjuring up Illusions that leave the audience gasping and wondering how did he do that? Is all part of a day’s work for SAC Vasanth. Be it an informal gathering at a street corner or a formal stage show with all bells and whistles, he leaves the audience/participants enthralled, and asking for more. A long stint of defying reality in many forms be it card tricks, hypnosis, street magic, up-close magic, mentalist has earned him the title Master Magician by star TV in 2010.

Many more accolades have come his way as a tribute to his evolving craft. He has won the leadership award with Gary Kasparov….) Vasanth is a restless performer/innovator/showman who is always up to new tricks.

His love started early on inspired by David Copperfield. …(I need some info about how his love for magic started. I read about how Jackie Shroff who he idolized..but need other instances.)

Success did not come easy to him, but his persistence has not only made him a note- worthy celebrity, but is an inspiration to those who aspire to make a career in this field. He has conceptualized many TV shows and is endorsed heartily by film stars, world chess champions like Gary Kasparov, and of course the multitudes that throng his shows in many cities globally. The sense of wonder people feel in his shows is universal.

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