• We Shout 2017
    15th & 16th July 2017
    Venue : Lady Andal Concert Hall, Chennai

Sharravanan (Sharo)

Sharravanan(Sharo) is an avid photographer who understands the power of perspectives. He has imbued his drive and passion to make We shout! a bright star in the crowded universe of Event Management. The events are unique and zestful, that people take notice, participate heartily with family and friends since they know they are in for a treat.

A techie with an MS in Computer Science, who took to organizing events early on in College. His talent to gather and please a crowd came to the fore when as Chairman of the Computer department organized many seminars and meets in Software engineering which were well attended from students from many other universities. An enviable highlight was, one such meet garnered well over 10,000 students from in and around Coimbatore. It was an early sign of the path he would tread.

An advanced course in photography paved the way to “Frames by Sharravanan “ where as a budding photographer he covered events from weddings to portfolios, Candid photography, and various bespoke projects. Effortlessly, this led to celebrity and event shoots. The next rung was associate Organizer at Widener entertainment. A notable event worked on was the Femina TIGI hair heroes photo shoot. An event covered by many magazines. Many other events like Flux party, Bikers’ carnival, Model ramp walk with premium bike models served various demographic segments attracting wide patronage and sponsorships from prominent corporate, and other business segments.

His passion is enhanced by a 7 year stint in HP and Infosys as Technology Analyst. In short his career is a case where education, inclination, passion are well aligned to leave a mark in the Event Management Industry.

Entrepreneurial flair is evident from another of his venture “Blue Ginger” which is a bakery he has set up with his brother. Being a discerning foodie, he has helped carve a significant market share in Coimbatore for buns and bread.

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